My website changed

Ill be posting in a newspaper ad for web services, but I dont wanna be a joke when they come to an anime looking page. SO I needed to do something and I decided to split my site.

I wasn’t sure if the game section should be put in Hobbies since Ill be making more gear toward business needs/demos. Now I just need to get a 30 secs animation going, to present my 3d Skills.

The colors are nice, on the “Business” part, but the text is really hard to read as the bg for the text frame is too clear. And there’s also a problem with the lenght of the dark frame that is the same lenght of the browser display and not the same length as your web page (and therefore, the text frame goes beyond the dark frame sometimes).

I know about the overflow, its only with gecko browsers. in IE its fine. I went ahead and chaged the text to black so it more readable… I can fix the overlfow problem but it breaks in IE… not something I am too worried about

I don’t know much about CSS but I know you can add some stuffs to make it interpreted differently in old browsers (IE) and new browsers (FF, etc) with the “!important” keyword.
Don’t know if that helps…

Don’t forget to change the title. It still says “Untitled Document.”

Work with the fonts and font colours a bit, remove times new roman (or whatever serif font that was) and make the menu font a bit smaller. Otherwise a nice, clean design. Maybe add a subtle background pattern or something.

Oh, and people who promote their web browsers (especially in the business section %| ) should be dragged out into the street and shot in the face, in a very metaphorical sense.

If you really want a bussiness website, well in these days people, especially companies and such, they love css design websites. A look at Css Zengarden, cssvaut, cssbeauty are worth a look. The designs are outstanding sometimes, really nice layout of information and much more. Just a eye candy for companies, or people willing to ask you for something. :stuck_out_tongue: