My weird balls

I used selected faces.And subsurface modifier.And extruding of individual faces to make these balls.

Don’t ever call a project “My … balls”
They seem a bit pointless, what are you going to do with them besides posting them on here?
Are those by default UV spheres? There are some weird things happening to the green one

They were made with uv sphere’s.I will place a makehuman model with them in the scene later.

the displacement modifier can have some similar effects.

I will try that too.I do not know if it will have better effects.

I used it here is what i made.

Weird sphere with human.

Here is another scene.

Another scene with a sphere in her hand.

Whatever happened to your other project where you were filling a room with offbeat furniture?

To grow as an artist, you need to start finishing projects (or at least get them to a state where they can be called as such). It’s okay to abandon projects if you ultimately don’t like it (likewise it’s okay if some projects are just an exercise), but getting them finished will add a sense of accomplishment as you delve deeper into the craft.

I like making scenes with this makehuman model.I will do this for now.And i was working on developing my chatbot on bot libre.

Here is the lady which moved with the sphere in her hands.

Here is a female with spheres coming out of another sphere.

The lighting is very poor, there are a lot of fireflies, which means, that your light bounce count is too low, the design of the room is unfinished, and you should decide on the pose of the character and the composition already.

I want it to be like comic book.I like the fireflies.I want to keep all the shadows.If i add too much light they won’t show.I am using the default renderer.

Here is another scene with the sphere hovering.

I have made a new scene.

very strange scene (which is NOT bad!) … IT misses a few lights, though

I really did not want it to be lit too much.