My work so far.

Here’s three images that I have made so far. Click the links to check them out.

Fort Minor Hallway.

My December.

My ‘Rising Tied’.

‘Rising Tied’ is straight from that one tutorial I just liked it so much, and the Fort Minor Hallway is from another tutorial I just added in the logo, so I guess you can call My December as my very first.

looks nice. make sure to turn on OSA and set it to 16 for final renderings.

these are very good starts. you seem to have the modelling down. Your materials, such as those on the skin, could use some work.

Thanks, I went back and turned on OSA, now the lettering and outline of the model look real clean now. Thanks.

… hey, isn’t the top one directly from one of the old tutes?

Read! :wink:

Yes, you should turn OSA on nearly always. You don’t need to turn it to 16, 8 will do most of the times. Render a simple cube with OSA 8 and OSA 16. Then you’ll see the difference when you look a bit closer.