My world axis are switched up.. Z is X and Y is Z

Hey guys, I used FSPY to analyze a photo for archviz and used it to set up my scene in Blender. Im not sure what I did wrong… but it seems as if my axis are switched up

If I want to move an object up and down…i usually press G, Z and move
But when I do that now… its moves along the X axis. Same with scaling and stuff. Its as if the axis are mixed up

Is there a way to fix this?

Are you in 2.8?

Is your coordinates set to local?

There’s been a change - in 2.79, even with the coodinates set to local, You press G Z to move through Z, and to move through local Z, you press G Z Z… now it’s the other way round.

That’s a guess, anyway.

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THank you for your reply…i think the proble was my coordinates…they were in local… when I changed them to global…everything worked normally again…