myst island

inspired by a reader of my blog, i decided to try my hand at “landscape” and do some fanart for the classic adventure game myst, which i love very much…

the scene is composed of 196 objects, and completely done in blender. everything is modeled, except the island itself which i sculpted in dynatopo.

i plan to render more “in game” like shots, so that you can see all the tiny details i modeled. from this far, you can hardly see them. i will post them here in this thread too … i hope you recognize the island, if you ever played myst…


Is this “finished” ? Just curious, if you want to work on textures and materials.

Superb! I still have to find the courage to make the leap from characters to environments… this is very inspiring. thans :smiley:

It might be interesting to see some textures and materials on this, however it looks pretty awesome like this. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the bland color really works, and it looks great. From what I can see this is some insane detail! Can’t wait to see more!

I loved that game! Great rendition. Love the modeling, and the clay render is gorgeous!

Doris, great work! I love Myst game. :wink:

brainchild, good question! when i began this project i thought i would texture it, but now, seeing these many objects and the time it would need to only unwrap them properly for texturing, i am hesitating… may be i will do, in some future…
guss, yes, trying something new is always intimidating. it was my very first landscape, and i enjoyed it. try yourself, it is fun!
hinzee,yes i will post more, and there is detail to see, but not an insane amount, as i did the whole thing in just a week :wink:
richardupshur, glad you like my take on it.
leandooliveira, yes myst is great, even today after so many years after it came out the first time

thank you all for your comments :slight_smile:

Your renders are always beautiful Doris, and your sculpting is amazing! This picture is no exception, good work! I hope to someday become good at sculpting, and your work is an inspiration.

From a big fan of myst and your work

thank you italianjoy, you will become better each day you play with blender. that is how i did it :slight_smile: and, given your forumname indicates your location, you have the best teachers and what they left for us to learn right at your home to see, michelangelos, berninis, da vincis work, and more :slight_smile:
thank you joshercrab. yes myst was such a milestone when it was first published, i also am one of the biggest myst fans ever :slight_smile:

and, as promised, here are the first three renders showing myst island from inside. i added the grass, and pushed a few trees and pillars lower down a little, as the first test renders revealed some of them were floating midair … lol… more renders to come :slight_smile:

Nice job, doris !
Never played this game but i heard a lot, it seemed a very good. As always you inspire us so much by your work !

Thanks for sharing.

I loved this game and watching this make me feel nostalgic…
It’s very inspiring, I should re-install Myst V End of ages and reproduce a scene :slight_smile:
Great job Doris!

Really clean and good!!! :slight_smile:

Another excellent job doris. And yes, it does bring back memories of many hours of my life. Thanks for that as well. Will you be moving on to some of the different ages? I hope so, but be warned, this could become more of a career than a hoby. :yes:

3dlslider, thanks… oh, if you like adventure games, then i can only recommend to try it :slight_smile:
mozarte, yes do! i actually bought myst for my ipad now, to have better refrence material :slight_smile: and it was worth.
ivaydesign, thanks!
elsdon, thanks. … not in the moment, as you noticed this is quite time consuming… but maybe later, i always loved channelwood…

and here are the next 3 shots. i had quite some trouble to find a camera postion for the clocktower, as the trees hide so much from the view. i guess, they cheated in the original game, and took down a few trees for this shot…lol… so here they are. as you see, most of the models are rather lowpoly, and only look smooth because they carry a subsurface modifier. i did this simple modeling, since i wanted stay close to the original design…

and 3 more, i hope you still enjoy :wink:

I am enjoying it. The scene has lots of interesting details and it’s yielding plenty of shots/compositions for you. It must have taken a good few hours to design and create. Fair play to you :slight_smile:

Hi Doris! These are so lovely! I have been wanting to a full photorealistic texture and render of some places on the island, but am not really a good modeler, I focus more on render. Would you be open to sharing the model for something like that? I would credit you of course as the modeler.

This is a great project for 3D! Not only was it a great game, I love hearing the stories from the developers about the shortcuts and tricks they employed to achieve the level of graphics that they did. This is a very good rendition! :star::star::star:

any chance of getting a copy of this in .OBJ or .STL to 3d print?