Myst Library

Going to try to recreate the library from Myst. I want to make it a lot better than the game, and maybe do a final render in indigo or some such external renderer. Maybe even Vray. I downloaded the export script and demo renderer, and what I have been able to get so far looks great. I’d have to figure out how to get the beta that everyone’s been using, though.
The modeling so far has gone smoothly. I think that textures will be pretty easy to map, because what I have so far is mostly all subsurfed.

Myst was a wonderful game, this makes me want to replay it already. Can’t wait to see this finished :slight_smile:

Did you ever play any of the sequels? Riven was quite possibly even better than the original.

Here’s my reference:

Small update:
(The wall textures are not final. Mostly an update on the modeling)

Looks grate so far :wink:

Another update. Been working on the fireplace and the lighting.

The reference:

Great model so far, padfoot7726.
My comments would be for you to look again on the ref pic for the archs, like the one for the fireplace. They seem to be “wider” in there. Or the column seems to be fatter. Or probably both. :stuck_out_tongue: and you need to add some more loops in some places, like the base of the columns, the “roof”, the “door”… their edges looks too rounded so far.

But I like where it is going, a lot of mood already going on. :slight_smile:


I agree with Despadas, though, sharpen some of those edges.

Your fireplace is brilliant.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I’m starting work on populating the bookshelf with individually textured books. Ah! This parts going to take forever. I’ll post the finished textures when I’m done painting on them.

Whew… Here are all those textures. Almost finished mapping them to my book objects.

Also finished modeling on the display shelves and their respective trap books and pages. Here’s a nice render of Achenar’s book.

The grain of the wood on the shelves should run horizontally, not vertically.

Finished with just about all the modeling. The texture of the painted dome ceiling was pretty hard to get. Had to go into the game and take a screenshot.

The scene from the front door arch:

My updated bookshelf, with all of the textured books:

The updated fireplace:

The Tower rotation map:

The front door arch (I didn’t model the outdoors. That’s just a bilboard texture.):

I also remodeled the bookshelf to where it can transform into the passageway, and modeled the passage behind it:

Forgot this one:

This is really great! You have done an excellent rendition!

You should head over to MystCommunity forums and post there, they would go bonkers.


Thanks. I didn’t even know there was a general myst forum. I signed up and posted like you said, and looked around at some of the rest of the threads on there. I found your Riven linking chamber. That was really very well done.

What is the blue near the bottom of the right-hand pillar?

Ah! No! It’s a gap in the mesh. That’s the blue background. (editing that mistake now)

I thought it might be!

Glad to know it’s being fixed =P