Mysteries in Gray Town - A Simple Blender Animation

I’m new here and I’m a newbie Blender user.
I’ve been using Blender for less than a month of total practicing hours.
I decided to make a simple animation because I’m starting to love Blender!! :yes:
This is it! Comments and feedback will surely help! Thank you! :yes:

Here’s the link of it on YouTube:

That part where the camera did a 360 and then rotated the image? The image rotation was not needed, but for a first animation, that’s pretty interesting.

Your comment is the same as my friend said. I think I need to improve my cinematography and directing skills :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for that feedback! Need more practice haha

The only time that the image rotation is needed is when you are switching to a different location or it’s another point in the episode.

Or when he realised he was beeing watched by police, (so a little earlier around himself).

Thanks guys, much appreciated! :slight_smile: