Mysterious floating normals appear again

When using a simple boolean difference I keep getting what appear to be floating normals on invisible faces. The faces show up only after I have exported the file to Procreate.

The green line and green circle normal shows where a face is created when exported. The same goes for the red line and encircled red normal.

If i remove the segments at the end of the red and green lines, faces are removed in blender. I don’t know where to go from there. I’m using the latest version of blender.

Any help greatly appreciated.

This is how it comes in to Procreate.

It looks like procreate isn’t importing the n-gons correctly. Maybe adding a triangulate modifier could help.

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It’s this weird thing about some “new” Apps… there isn’t even any hint in the online-docu ( ← docu ??), what formats this actuall can import ?? nor anything about n-gons… ??? The “forum”…

is also a joke… try to search for n-gon , ngon, import formats… nothing usable… (as far as i could see…)…

So yes try to triangulate the object before using in another app…

Well thanks again for the input. I have played with the triangulation modifier but it continues to create improper files in Procreate. Regarding Procreate, you are spot on regarding any info regarding 3d objects.

I chose Procreate because it can export USDZ files that I use in Reality Composer to create short animations of sculpture proposals. I’m sure that I can do this in Blender, but it looks like that might be a pretty steep learning curve. Procreate / Reality Composer works well when I can get the proper files into Procreate.

  1. I do need one thing clarified. Looking at the first image in this topic. Are the four segments that the Boolean created typical or are they unusual?

2, As you can see in the image below - we have two faces per side of this object. Is that what should be expected from the Boolean operation?

  1. Should I, or can I create one face out of these two faces?

Again, thanks in advance for any help.

The segments are there because n-gons in blender can’t have a hole… and l this is a straight forward topology… so it is not sooo complicated…


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Well at 4:30 this morning you must have heard a huge sigh of relief.

The triangulate modifier worked its magic on this simple file and some others. So, again much thanks, Don’t know what I was doing the other day with this modifier because it created a huge mess.

Absolutely a very simple file, that’s what really left me so discouraged. I’m thinking, well if I can’t figure this out my future as a Blender expert looked very dim indeed.

Thanks again.