Mysterious Room WIP (update #5 Pg 2 11/27/04)

Heres something I just came up within my head.
Its like a crystal ball in a room in a center of a haunted house. This is the only room that has been kept in good shape. Heres the one room.

-------------------C&C GREATLY APPRECIATED----------------------------
----------------------------Thank You!----------------------------------------

Gonna add some windows and heres what the curtains are gonna look like.
Yay nay?
Come one I need some feedback here.

Nice start. I think the door is too small and the light things on the side of the door too big. The table seems too transparent, it’s like it is only partly there and the cystral ball is halfway hanging in space. The curtain looks pretty good, maybe some tassels hanging down. Very nice scene so far hope my comments are taken as suggestions.

What do you mean by tassles? I thought the lil tiny things I added were tassles.
I will fix the things you mentioned.

Ok heres an update. Changed the carpeting along with the suggestions made by Paradox.

Looking good, are you using this for the WC?

No because my dad is doing a similar thing for his. And Ive already gotten one ready.
Even though I like the mysterious room better Im gonna stick with the haunted house in the WIP above. (unless my dad forgets to enter his entry again) Then Ill use this one.

Red lights can make anything look spooky and evil!

the sense of proportion is better now. as for tassels, you have the right idea I was just thinking of the kind of tassels that have balls then the parts hanging down are made of string but I have no problem with the way you are doing it. I like the carpet alot and the designs of your room. The red light one has a nice mood but is a little dark. Overall nice scene and nice progress on what you’ve done to improve it.

Thank you paradox.
Heres an update.
I added a hand and arm coming around the curtain. Thought it might add to the scene.

C&C Greatly Appreciated!!

that hand just made the scene very creepy! :o

Ok heres an update. I made the white light in the room lighter.
Keep it or trash it?

Neat-o! That’s a pretty crazy arm. Maybe you could add some cracks on the wall where it comes out?

A few somewhat little things (I’m not trying to scare you or make you think your work is bad, I’m just trying to give suggestions for improvement):
One, there doesn’t seem to be any light coming out of the lamps by the door anymore. Some spotlights or something might be nice in them.
Two, the surface and the base of the table aren’t nearly smooth enough. I can see the individual vertices of them, especially on the shadow. Give them more vertices so it’s smoother and it would look much better, I think.
Three, the doorknob seems to be just attached to the door. If it’s meant to turn (like most doorknobs), it needs to be attached to some sort of metal panel or whatever.
Four, the door doesn’t have any hinges, which I suppose is okay, but I just think it’s odd because all of my doors open towards the rooms rather than towards the outside and thus the hinges are visible from the inside.

The scene and overall mood look great so far, though, and it has definitely come along well!

Edit: Didn’t see the update when I posted. So about the lighting, I preferred how the room had dark corners in first (darker) one, but the details are easier to make out in the second (brighter) one. But also, the mood isn’t as dark in the second one. And I also just realized that the part of the curtain that’s attached to the pole looks a bit odd. It’s visible on part of it, but then not visible on the rest. Is it interesecting the pole or something?

darker, red lighting has more mood IMO. white light usually makes things look garish and cg. (no natural light is white, neither are most artificial lights).

some orange torch glow might look nice, from the wall fixtures.

good luck!

Im opening the door and having it show some of the darkness from the room beyond.
I fixed the table.
Ill be adding the arange lights in to the fixtures also. Be done soon.

Ok heres the update.
I also added a table along with the things I metioned above.

Thing of what to put on the table.
Im thinking of a mirror.

The Curtain isnt supposed to have that repeating texture.
I think I used the same one on the table and I forgot about it. So ill change that also.

Another Update.

Please fix that hand. I can see two things that make it look really weird…

  1. The fingers aren’t the right length. The hand you have there has all it’s fingers the same length, whereas in real life they are all different lengths. (well, maybe not ring and index, but whatever).

  2. There seems to be a shadow right under the pinky which makes it look like there are actually 6 fingers total. I would suggest moving the hand/fingers as close to the tapestry as possible to try and limit this effect.

Other than the hand, I don’t see much wrong with it. Very creepy :).

It is the make human model hand. It just looks like it has fingers the right length because of the shadows. When I move it closer it should fix both of those problems.

Ok fixed the hand problem.

Think its ready for the finished section?