mysterioux missing thread

Does anybody know where this thread :

SketchUp’s and GoogleEarth’s kml/kmz files import in python . ( 1 2 3 4 5)

has gone ?


Did you contact the side administrator or moderators ?
Anyway I think it is strange that non of them have answer you already because you asked in another treat the same question .
Hope that it was just a mistake or accident , cause as far as I remember there was nothing unusual in the treat you mention .

Greetings Patrick

jms asked in the website and forum forum about this thread

unfortunately I don’t have an answer… It’s gone for me too, if it was soft deleted I’d still be able to see it
[and I being a lowly moderator can’t do more than soft delete things, though the admins can]

And, for the moment, the webmaster does exactly give no answer to my question …