Mystic Rainforest

AO pass:

Mist pass:

Can you spot Suzanne? :monkey:
FUN FACT: There are exactly 1.791.701 trees in this scene! :palm_tree:

This was a collaboration with Colin Behrens
We started by modeling the main tree in Blender, and textured it in Substance Painter, the leaves are planes with simple textures with a hue node to make them pink. We added them via a particle system to the tree.
For the ground we just subdivided a plane and sculpted some hills and valleys. Then we used some trees from polygoniq to create a particle system. Actually we created 5 particle systems: some bushes at the ground, some higher trees and some more dense parts, which were defined by weight painting.
The river is just a plane without any subdivisions, but with a quite complex material. It has some glass-, transparent- and volume shaders combined with some procedural textures to create small waves.

The clouds were added in post processing. We used the mist pass as a mask to make them more transparent in the foreground. The scene was lit with an hdr from

The scene was rendered in Blender Cycles with 1700 samples in 4k.
We will upload some closeups and a creation timelapse here soon.

The scene was inspired by Adrian Lambert’s render “an unexpected journey”.

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Wow this looks so beautiful :heart_eyes: How long did it take to make?

It took us roughly 30h to make + a lot of render time. Thank you very much @Jellie :blush:

Here is a timelapse video of the creation process:

And here are some detail shots: