Hello - can someone help me, please as I am totally new to blender and also to prevent me from going to a more user friendly program. I have come to hate blender as it is sooo frustrating for first timers. I have bought the book and software(version 2.42 a) and at first things were not too bad. Because I downloaded a tutorial called Ludwig and learning to animate a walking cycle I can’t get rid of this now. Everytime I start up this bloody Ludwig program starts instead of the default home page. How do I get to the original screen i.e. a cube, a camera, a lamp? I have uninstalled, cleaned the registry all to no avail. I removed the Ludwig file from the file system of blender - I pressed shift and R and it vanished, but on starting up it was back. This is really p***** me off.

Pfffff - take a deep breath and relax.

You have replaced your default scene. Simply set up the scene you would like to be default and click on File->Save Default Settings.

You could also reset your settings to the default scene. Look for a file .B.blend (I’m no windows user so I can’t tell you where to look for it). Delete that file, and blender will start fresh.

Hope that helps.

Your problems do result from two things:

  1. Blenders interface is quite unusual but the bigger problem is
  2. the concept of a 3D program is not so easy to understand.


Yeah, what SoylentGreen said… and… you can’t expect it work on it’s own… it’s work, hard work but… it’s more than worth it

Yeah don’t get so frustrated. 3D is alot of work like BleedForMe said and your not going to learn it over night. Start of slow with some simple models and tutorials. I have found out that if you jump in to the more advanced stuff before you know the basics you will always get lost some where. And then it will confuse and frustrate you. But thats why this wounderful site is here (Thank God for this thing) lets face it if it weren’t here some of us (includeing my self) would be in a padded room modeling with Lego’s.

thanks for the help offered - must admit I do jump in at the deep end. I have found and deleted the .B. blend file and like magic I am back home and dry! What is this little file? Trying to cool off now and start at the beginning…:smiley:


B.blend is “Save User Prefs”, it’s the Start file used when Blender opens.


How To Setup Blender Default Settings

Quick Tip: Be Careful When Setting Defaults

Take everyone’s advise and slow down. Start at the beginning, not the end. Otherwise, you are in for one hell of a ride…Blender will have no mercy on you (nor will any serious 3D app).

:slight_smile: Have fun!

Point taken!:smiley: