Hi all !
I’m starting a new project about greek mythology.

I just began modelling the main character

I’m not shure if the topology is optimal, especially around the hips


Started working on the head :

Some sculpting

Just a little thing with the topology…are you using BMESH to do this? Because I see a lot of N-gons hanging around and those aren’t possible with normal Blender. Either that or your chosen shader settings for the wire shots are a bit dodgy.

The topology looks “OK”. But could do with improving. Your hunch with the hips was basically correct. There should probably be more loops around that area, afterall it need to move A LOT during animation.

Thanks for the reply Wefyb. I didn’t use BMesh, there are only quads in my mesh. The weird N-gons are due to the “show wire” option, no idea why

For a nice wire setting (although I warn, do NOT use it with subsurf, under ANY circumstances EVER. Why? Because it happens to kill rendertimes :wink: )

Have 2 materials, easy. Make sure you have your clay material (standard material with 0 spec) on the bottom slot of the 2. Assign all of your mesh to this material. Now the top material have it on Shadeless, wire, Black. Turn on z transparency but keep it on 1.000 alpha. Then in settings change Z offset to 0.25 (Change it lower if wires are showing through the main mesh.)

Have fun with that.

Very useful settings, thanks man :slight_smile: I wouldn’t have found this myself

No problems (or in Italian, Prego) I myself only found that out a little while ago (considering I have been using blender for 2 year now, I am surprised…)

Could you post another one of the whole body from the front? That would realy help figure out the topo of the hips.

Also, the neck seems really high up. I think that just moving that down could bring a lot to it. Right now his neck is MASSIVE and his body is TINY.

Quite right. But I’m going to give him some more muscles : it’s a hero ! :wink:

Here is a front view. Thank you for your time

Started the helmet

I also tweaked the head a little to make him fit the body

Adding some props

Starting the armor

Reworked the head.

Begining the materials.

I’m trying to improve my materials and tweaked the head again. Any critics, suggestions are very welcome :slight_smile:


Adding some hair