N ewbit to blenderartists forum seems the welcome PM needs updating???

Hi, looking forward to learning about blender on this awesome forum.

Comment: I received a welcome PM that states the following:
2. Threads that need review by Moderators before they are public.
a. Any new thread in forum “Tutorials,” these threads are restricted to threads that contain tutorials.

I started a thread in the Support / Basics and Interface forum, and didn’t see it appear immediately so though I did something wrong and posted again, and saw the popup of duplicate message.

Reading a couple posts here in this forum/website support forum it is clear now that ALL new users posts and threads starts are held until approved by moderator. THAT IS IMPORTANT INFO, AND SHOULD BE IN THE WELCOME PM!

just my 2 cents

You are correct. This is something that should be mentioned in the welcome message (I actually thought it was). We’ll see if we can’t get that fixed.

Thanks for the heads up.