N-Gons detection

Just wondering if there is a n-gon detection in Blender 3D, or a script somewhere? Also even if the model is mostly quads but there are some tris lingering, it can be difficult to find the triangles if I wanted to edit them.

there are some scripts out there, mesh lint i believe does what you want, or you could just in edit mode open the select menu from the lower header bar and choose select faces by sides and dial up number in the operator panel. works reasonably well, but there’s always that nagging doubt that you stopped dialing up the numbers just before you may have reached that one face with 23 sides…

in edit mode, go into the select menu -> select faces by sides, number of verticies 4, type not equal to, disable extend.

You can usually detect them by looking for the places that look terrible on your mesh.

there is an addon for 3D printer which can ahalsye you mesh and it will tell you if there are Ngons!

happy bl

Use Small Troll’s suggestion, but do it in Face Select mode and select only quads. Then hit Ctrl-I to invert the selection. This will also select any tris you may have, but those are usually worth getting rid of too.

Greatly appreciated the select faces by sides works good. I was surprised how many triangles were left after a conversion from tris to quads!