n need ov help

hello all blender artists who r better than me
im in a little trouble
i cant seem to bake and render a animation that i made with a ragdoll
i press “p” and the animation goes fine but when i render animation it doesnt work
any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated
and any other info on blender would be 2
thank u :confused:

Press the game tab on top of screen. Press, “Record game physics to IPO.”

Once you bake to ipo you may have to adjust the overall length of the scene, because it tends to go much slower when rendering it than it goes in real time. to do this, you have to change the ‘map old’ ‘map new’ buttons, which can be accessed by pushing the button that looks like a squiggly arrow.

Hey Modron I have had this problem before. Where are these squiggly buttons to be found?

thx now is there any way i can edit the actor radius to the shap of a squar