N00b to Blender question on sculpt

Hi all!

I’m new to blender but not new to 3d. I’ve written tutorials for Bryce, Ray Dream, Carrara, Amapi and C4d. I am VERY impressed by Blender. Wonderful job, coders!

Now for a prolly dumb question. I want to try the sculpt feature but I can’t find it! I am using the latest version and learning quite a bit but I can’t find sculpt (grin). Can somebody help an old guy out! TIA!


You can access the Sculpt mode in the mode menu of the 3D View window header.


In the mode menu where it says object mode or edit mode, there is sculpt mode. And the settings for the brushes are in edit buttons.

Edit: I see that Cire beat me.

Thanx, folks! I appreciate it!!