"Name Error: There is no variable named glRasterPos2&qu

Hi Python experts.

I am trying to run the “Grinder” script which creates mechanical gears in Blender.

I am getting the above error which seems to be caused by the part of the script which defines the copyright notice and title on the GUI dialogue box included below.

Text("The GRINDER)
Text("Copyright (C) Jonathan Merritt, 1999.")

I take it glRasterPos2 has been replaced with a new function or something.

I have Python 1.5.2-35 which comes with Redhat 7.2.

Any help gratefully received! (I am really keen to start playing with this :o )


For some reason the quotation mark at the end of my message subject turned out weird.

The error message was:

Name Error: There is no variable named glRasterPos2

Again, any suggestions welcome.


Change that to glRasterPos2d

AND download python2.0.1 from www.python.org as thats the version that blender uses.


Thanks for that guys, problem solved.