Nameless Hero from Gothic (Blender Guru competition)

Hello. In my entry I want to recreate the main character from game Gothic and make nice studio presentation of him. I’ll post here progress of my work. Any comments or critique is welcome.

Here is body base and basic sculpt that I started with.

Now I’m designing an armour.
gl & hf to all other contestants.

looks great so far. nice definition, but imo it’s too much on the ribs and upper stomach muscles. also, I would point the toes outward slightly.

@ Mordon: thanks. I tried to correct these body parts.

Still thinking about the armour. I sculpted his head in the meantime. I messed up ears, head will be retopoed.


after retopo:

First iteration of refined Magic Ore Armour. I’m not 100% happy with it yet. It’s not epic enought as end game armour should be :slight_smile:

original model from game

I sculpted sword Uriziel for him, because what is warrior without his weapon. Tested hadrsurface wokflow on it and went pretty to far with details, but I couldn’t stop myself.