Naming and parenting buttons are missing

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Hello everyone,

I was trying to follow the “Hand Setup in Blender” tutorial on the Blender character animation site and ran into two problems (BTW, I am using version 2.23):

  1. In the step that directs you to name the bones, it says to give each of the bones a name. Problem is, in the edit menu, there is no button or field for naming the selected bone. The only buttons (in pose mode, edit mode or simply selected) are: “Draw Type”, “Draw Extra”, “Box”, “Axis”, “Texspace”, “Name”, “Rest Pos”, “Draw Axes” and “Draw Names”. In many of the tutorials I’ve gone through, they show screen shots of the edit menu when naming bones and mine never looks like the tutorial. Any thoughts?

  2. In many tutorials, they show “Child Of” input buttons in the edit menu. These do not appear in my edit menu. Ever. Any thoughts?

Any help on either of these questions would be appreciated.


(azrael) #2

when you are in edit mode for the armature use Bkey to select all or one of them. Then in edit mode you will be able to see/edit the name and parents of each armature.

(Q) #3

Thanks a lot. That worked. I guess that step was considered obvious and left out of most tutorials. Thanks again.