"Nana" Short movie project

This is an amateur project I’m working on:


(text only in spanish, sorry, but who cares ? pictures and movies are international !) :smiley:

Both character heads already look very good - what is your project about?


Project is about a girl and her father who are “cartoneros”, people who collect paper in the streets and sell it to make a living.
This is a sad thing that is occurring here in Argentina after the social colapse we have been thru.

Hopefully the story will be a little happier than reality…

neat characters! very nice.

the charchters are beautifully modeled, look forward to seeing more!

This is wonderful work :smiley: Keep it up :stuck_out_tongue:

yes keep it up it’s starts really good !

Muy buenos modelos malefico! en verdad te quedaron bastante bien, no puedo esperar a verlos animados con sus respectivas texturas! :wink:

sigue con el trabajo, que te esta quedando exelente! 8)

(Puff… que alivio escribir en español :stuck_out_tongue: )


Very nice, and welcome back… it was a while since your last post :slight_smile:


Those characters looks great. Excellent work malefico. Any textures done yet?