Napoleon opening Credits ( CGI Blender )

Here is a fake opening credits i made at FABULOUS Studio.

Like if a massive production company would decide to make a series on Napoleon. Most of the model are inspired from the online collection of the French army museum of invalides. (musée de l’armée des invalides )
you can download some of my free 3d model i use for this project here :

A few words about the workflow : Modeling in blender, texturing in substance painter. I used a decimated lowpoly model to rig my model into mixamo, then imported in back into blender to transfer my rig onto the Highpoly model. Whenever a model is duplicated, i use as much as possible the Linked file tool to keep my scene light. For instance, in the shot with several soldiers i just append the collection and offset the animation. Cycles for rendering.

Music : Lacrimosa, Mozart.

hope you guys will like it.


It’s a fantastic work!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Amazing work, just wow!
The textures are great, the cinematic is really well handled.
How much time did it take to achieve all this?

I like the trailer very much, and I wish that someone would make a feature-length movie about Napoleon. (Any volunteers?) But I think that you could “tighten” the prop-montage opening sequence a little bit … and/or maybe insert some “human actor action” short-clips into it. Because, IMHO, a movie mostly consists of people doing interesting things, and therefore ought not trail too far from that. The prop-montage concept is very good, but if (for example) it was separated with “cut scenes, however short,” it would become much stronger. The viewer would instinctively link the cut-scenes together, building toward the expected ultimate appearance of Monseur Napoleon, and the prop-montage symbology would now much more directly support that. (The props don’t strongly support one another.)

Anyhow: excellent work. :+1: