Napoleonic Solider fan art

Hi guys,

I made this based on Napoleonic Soldier cool concept by Bram Maroy (

C&C welcome.

Soft: Blender, Substance Painter, Krita.


maybe it needs a bit more lighting, plus the clothes look a bit “plastic”

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Thanks for your commend. I will try to improve it.

I think the clothes are pretty good, it doesn’t look like plastic, maybe adding a particle system will look better

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Love it! You got it just right there.

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The white fabric and the red collar look like a thick stiff material when it’s actually cotton and gets easily wrinkled, I guess even a little bit when the costume is new and clean, I think it just needs a bit of wrinkles and cotton texture, the blue part is already good for example. And the straps look like rubber when they are actually leather:

Also I would enlighten it a little bit:


About the white fabric, the source I used is kinda thick stiff material.
I think there are many types of this uniform though.

yes it’s a bit thicker than my pictures, but as you see it’s still a bit flexible. I guess it’s just a matter of several discrete folds, but anyway that’s just my opinion, the rest is very nice in my opinion :wink:


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Oh, I didn’t notice this until you point out. Now I see the difference :3