Narcissus (daffodil) :: Yet another flower.

Inspired by the pretty, sweet smelling flowers that now flower in my country I did this work.

Techniuqes: Curve deforem. Taper curves. Buffer spot light (old school!), raytracing reflections. Dupliframs (for modelind with nurbs and for volumetric effect). Hooks. Extensive usage of new select modes and outliner. UV texturing. Very mild PP (the wrtings and the fuzzy effect).

A bit about the mythology and legend behind this marvelous flower:

The Picture:

C&Cs Are most wellcom.

              Thanks in advance - Aner Ottolenghi.


fantastic, i love the reflection

Hippy boy.


i do love your flowers Aner, but just warning you keep your files of my site till i get a new host :stuck_out_tongue: “you big bad bandwidth sucker you” (quality always sucks he he he)

keep it up bro.

make flowers not explosives.

p.s. the black borders IMO realy ruin the image (breaks the serenity, and tranquility), a nice wallpaper with the flower to one side would be ideal IMO.


Excellent render @ner.

It could use a bit of glow though, IMO. Maybe a bit more transluceny on the petals too.


peace and serenity, it’s realy inspiring… such a good work! the white petals seems so realistic, you have capted the frailty and the softness of these. perhaps a little more of specularity on the green parts would be better, but I know that some plants are exactly this color/specularity levels so it isn’t truly criticism.

really good work!

Very beautiful. The translucency of the petals is nice.

Beautiful work. Delicate structures are hard to mimic in 3D. The shapes are fluid and simple. Good.
Maybe I would add some variation on the size of the water droplets and increase translucency.

very nice @ner. great materials/lighting/modelling

Some of the best flower’s i’ve seen, very realistic.

Very beatiful render!

Nice flower. Really like it.

But I think the water drops on the petals look out of place.

Also make the other drops smaller.

But other than that. I like it. :wink:

thnks… I’ll try some of youre suggestions and post the result :slight_smile:

Looks great. Very soothing and I love the ripples at the base of the stem along with the reflection.

So peaceful and beautiful :slight_smile:
Great render @ner.


Great render. Good work!