Narnia Wardrobe (fan art)

Rendered in Cycles with 800 samples. Post processing done in GIMP.

One of the reasons I chose this project was to see how much I’ve learned in Blender over the years, as well as how much the software has advanced. This scene was one of my very first Blender projects (back when I had no idea what I was doing :stuck_out_tongue: ), so revisiting it was a cool experience.

Cool, man! I really like the lighting, and the modelling of the Wardrobe. Coincidentally, I’m actually going to be in a Play of Narnia in a few weeks!

Thanks man! I’m glad you like it.

Wow, what a coincidence! Which part are you going to be in the play?

There are a few thing that could improve but it would take to much to explain in text so I made an paintover so you can see instead:

Hm, that’s a very nice look, BigBlend! It definitely has a richer and more vibrant feel with your lighting adjustments. Thanks for the suggestions!

This idiot ↓

Where did you find the dimensions? I want to start making plans that could be used to physically build one. Thank you!