Naruto MORPG

Hey all,

Short intro - What do I want to make

I would like to start a huge project on a Naruto Morpg game. There are lots and lots of Naruto fans so I hope to get a lot of responce. The basic idea is to first make a rpg game and later on make a mo or mmo is posible. This thread will be updated a lot when more ideas are comming in. So this is only a very first start.
Before I start making anything, I want to know if I get enough people to start this project. So if you would like to enter or help, please leave a message on this thread or pm me if you like to. It would be easy if you also leave the things you would like to do. For example: scripting, texturing, moddelling etc.

The idea of the game

  • At first I would like to say that there are mutiple places to begin. Like kohona, the sound village etc. etc. The characters would be customizable and there will be lots and lots of different spells. The cool thing is that every village gets it’s own spells.

  • Anime style… I just love it lol. I think we’ll have to agree if we make it with a black outline etc. But I really would like that. Here’s a vid of what I’m talking about.
    I also did this with my stickman character in the vid below.

  • I made a pretty cool system to cast spells for my previous rpg game. (The stupid signs will be deleted… in stead we can make your character use hand signs at every click) ^^
    This system is pretty cool cause it’s not just a boring click and press 1 button kind of rpg.

What needs to be done?

First I’ll start collecting a team and see if I can get enough members for this. After that… Here’s a short list of the things we could work on… of the top of my head:

  • Characters/Character selection
  • The whole world… The cities, arena’s, forests
  • The spell cast system I already worked on
  • The online adding
  • The battle system

My personal skills

I need to get a big team if we want to succeed. Here’s a list of things I can do:

  • Make the game online
  • Draw a lot of new ideas (probably my best skill)
  • Make a professional site
  • Let the servers run 24-7
  • Add everything to one main project
  • Model (Not that good at but I’m oke.)
  • Scripting (also, not that good at)

Also, I made serveral rpg games before so I pretty much know what I’m getting into. :wink:

That’s all for now. Though I have a lot of ideas left. But lets see if we can get some people to work on this. :wink: I’ll add this thread to more sites too.

Have fun blending. :wink:

Even if you have the skills, there’s still the issue of copyright, you can’t just pick an anime and make a major game project based on it without asking permission from the studio that made the animation.

I think I can if it’s not for commercial use.

And if so, I just rename it Naruta and then I won’t get trouble xD

Sakura-chaaaaaaaaaaaaan :slight_smile:

nice if you do, but there are already a high detailed game on ps3, although yours are free, you need to make a very high level one, so people get interested in it.

I think that this is a massive project that would take a lot of work. But I also think that with the programming skills you say you have its possible to pull it off.

You should also come up with your own idea. Your goal may not be to make it a commercial game at first but you might want to either make a sequel and sell it or gradually turn it into a commercial game. Look at Runescape for example. Started off a free MMORPG but as it became more popular they began charging money for extra features. Now they’re making millions of dollars a year from memberships. I’m not saying that would have to happen or that we could make a game that good. But if you ever wanted to make as penny off of this you would end up having to pay 70% or some other ridiculous percentage of your profits to the company who made the original game.

That being said I think that this is a great idea if you can pull it off. Could you show a couple games that you have made in the past to just give us an example of how good you are. I am considering joining…

Before I start making anything, I want to know if I get enough people to start this project.

This I think is the flaw in your post, people will not join a project if there is no substance to it. If it were that easy to make an mmo everybody would have done it. Also, if the ‘lead’ to the project doesn’t have the motivation to… well… lead… then what hope is there for anyone else.

There is a huge amount of work to be done to make a decent/playable/finished rpg, let alone an MMO of any scale. What sets you apart from all the other aspiring game designers? Especially since you don’t seem to have designed much at all thus far?

If you really want to create a game, A remake/fan game is not the answer. Fan games are by definition dull because there’s no room for creativity. You’ll get bogged down making props and a generic RPG, and then you’ll lose motivation and it will fall apart. You need to start with a fresh idea, and start small.

I really not like the idea to call naruto by naruta! its terrible, why you dont try to create someting by yourself?
People create new things everyday maybe its your oportunity to show some work instead of copy other one s idea.
It s just my oppion even a remake of the game look weird since the game isnt is that old and have no marking history for the game industry, like was made on golden axe or resident evil.

Hey, I have replied to your post on

This is what I said:

Hey I could help you on an MMORPG if you just make your own character and not use naruto. (copyrights)

I am a scripter and I have done online stuff previously so I will beable to help on that.

Also I could do anything to do with programming too.

Hey man,

That´s sweet. I am thinking about taking my old rpg and change the characters. I only took naruto cause it seemed cool and i hoped there would be way more reply´s :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll let you know if you still wanna help. Atm I’m having way too much to do for my study.

I would like to help if you don’t use naruto… I am a modeler/Animator. I am good at doing textures but i’m just good, not amazing. How are you guys going to communicate?

I will centainly keep you updated. Just like I said before I do need to wait a little while though.

The communication can be done by email, msn messenger, skype or blenderartists :wink:

Hey, so whats the plan now? are you going to stick with naruto or change to your own game idea?

I think i’ll make my own idea. Since no-one agreed to help with naruto lol.

lol, its just allot of hard work and in the end you know that nothing belongs to you. ha!

Haha I think ur right. I’ll make my own game. :stuck_out_tongue:

so am I helping you or are you doing it on your own?

I would really appreciate if you’d help me. ^^

Check this thread, and please don’t be scared of by the simple moddeling skills lol

Okay am in.

I am going to post on your other thread now.

IWhat other thread?