NASA Perseverance Fan-Art (4K) (2021)

Hi there! I just joined this community and I will upload some old and new stuff. I hope that you like it!
Here is the original post from 2021:

“My fan-art of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars. Created in Gaea, Blender and Photoshop. The Gaea landscape has 40m triangles and a 8K texture. Rendered with Blender Cycles (GPU Compute) with a Principled Volume surrounding the scene. Lastly, I’d luv to add more details like rocks, pebbles, more ground texture variation, make the rover sandy/dirty etc. but I had to limit my time on this project due to health issues. (Perseverance 3D-model credit and copyright: NASA/JPL-Caltech)”

More renders here: ArtStation - NASA Perseverance Fan-Art (4K) (2021)


Details! Great stuff :clap:

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