Nasty popups on "Official Blender Model repository"?

Every time I visit the Offical Blender Model Repository (, a few seconds later some horrible popups start appearing. This is despite having Google Toolbar Popup blocker and IE7’s popup blocker both turned on. This leads me to think that the site itself has been hacked somehow, although the site owner Dion Moult tells me he can’t replicate the problem. This is a great shame for a website that uses the Blender name, and appears to be the foremost place for people to share their models.
I posted a couple of models there and had another ready to go, but won’t be visiting there again until I hear through the grapevine that the site is once more ‘clean’.
Is anyone else getting this problem?

It should be fixed.

I had one recently on the Python forum on this site, while clicking on the “new primative bolt” post that was recently bumped back up. My subscription to Norton had expired, so my worm definition had not up dated. A clue my lie in the last posts auther, “wormwood”. Anyhow its off the front page now, but should be removed in case anyone else tries to view it. Obscene Popuper.
Made sure I could clean it before confirming.

Hey guys,
Yeah I cannot replicate the error.
However, to fix it it would be very helpful if you could:

  1. provide me with a screenshot of the popup
  2. provide me with your IP at the time of the popup.

Just send the information to my email dionmoult(at)gmail[dot]com. That will help me track down what caused the popup, and how I can disable it.

Just got one that said i should dowload software “X” to increase my PC efficiency by clicking to URL that leads to some webpage doubtly including such software. (yeah right)… .sorry didnt take screenshot. Just cliked past it.

Alright, I need this information to get rid of it.

  1. Screenshot of popup (if there is one)
  2. Screenshot of ADVERTISMENT at the bottom. (the 728x90 ad banner) - VERY IMPORTANT
  3. Your IP - also very important
  4. Date you got the popup.

If you don’t want to say your IP out here PLEASE please just email that information to me: [email protected]

What is happening is some of the ads from our ad service provider are spawning these popups. This information is needed to track down which ads are spawning them, so they can be deleted.

Your cooperation can really make the Blender community a better place.

If you have not yet been to the Blender Model Repository, please just access it here:
If you find any popups/popunders, please provide the information above.

Thanks in advance.