Nasty UV lines

Not really a blender problem but hopefully you guys will have some answers anyway. I’m just starting to learn to UV map and have come across a problem. I export my UV map as a png and load in gimp to paint. However I then load the painted image back into the UV editor and if I haven’t been meticulous enough painting over my edges they are then painted black on my model so I’m curious can blender get rid of these for me or should I try to delete/paint over them in gimp.


Perhaps a better way to work with GIMP. Open the png, then save as xcf - GIMP format. Now, add a layer that is transparent. Paint on the new layer, occasionally turning off the UV layer to see how it looks. When you are satisfied, save the xcf, then File…Save a copy - save over the original png, then use that.

Bottom line - keep your exported uv map as a separate layer. That way, you will always be able to get back to your starting point.

Best of Luck!

Cool, thanks, I thought it’d be something to do with layers in gimp but I’ve only recently downloaded it and prefer messing on blender than getting to grips with a new program.