I haven’t been doing a whole lot of static scene rendering lately so I decided to fire up Blender last night and have a little fun. Naturally was rendered with Cycles using Blender 2.62. The water was a fluid sim with some sculpting to to get the feel I was looking for. The glass is probably obvious, just a modified subsurfed cylinder. Color corrected and vignetted(SP?) with the compositor and finally touched up a few anomalous pixels with GIMP.

You can find a 1920x1080 version here:
I’ve made the blend file available here:

It’s really a very simple cycles render so if you’re just getting your feet wet with cycles, like myself, then you might like to check out the blend file and play around with it to get a feel for the illustrious new Blender render engine. There’s also some very easy node work so if you’re just starting out with the compositor you might like to play around with what’s available here.

Edit: Ah yes, C&C is welcomed, but don’t be surprised if I critique your critique :wink:

simply but interesting… i like it :wink:

Glad ya liked it iii210. I don’t really do this cgi stuff to make the most intricately detailed scenes or win competitions, just for fun.

By the by, the small version posted here was 2777 passes in just under 2hrs. The 1080 version was just under 1900 passes at around 11hrs, most of the render was done whilst I snoozed happily away :slight_smile:
i like it,do you like

Very cool. I’m new to Blender and this site, thanks for posting the blend file, it really helps out newbies like myself to get a feel for this stuff! I haven’t checked it out yet because I’m not at my computer right now, but will surely be checking it out later today.

Have you change the world size of water because it looks so fake ;x

I love the colors and compostion but this water have to be for me rebaked.

@Obsidian71 Thank you. I did all of my Blender learning with on-line tutorials and such so it’s nice to try and help out a few others in a similar manner.

@Kramon I agree about the water, I had a lot of trouble getting it to stay in the glass, it would recognize the bottom of the glass, but sometimes it acted as if there were no sides to the glass and other times it would stay in the glass, but still be bulging out through the sides. I suppose this is because I didn’t know the world size of water could be changed. I’ll look into that for future fluid sims, might go back and redo this one too.