Natural History Museum (Lux Test)

Hi All,

I have still been chipping away at the render challenge Natural History Museum file.
Here is my latest render using Lux v06RC4.

It took 9 hours to render 200 samples using the recommended settings.


I did another overnight render. This one is the result of 8.5 hours and 246 samples using the recommended settings.

I revised some brick scaling and added a bas-relief to the pillar.


It looks good, man. Are you putting that world into a game?

No game, these are just lighting test for Lux. I wondered what all the fuss was about using an external renderer, I mean the Blender Internal is good enough, right?


Yea, but for total realism, an external renderer can be more effective.

2.5 should have a good photon mapper by farshary. I think there are some builds (non-2.5) you can try. I don’t know if its as good as an external renderer. But, I’ve got some pretty good results with it.