Natural Mountain

Hi all,

making a scene of ice climbing with an alpine backdrop. All critics, comments and suggestions are welcome. Specifically I am looking for some critique for the background mountain. How does it look and what can I do to improve. I will add some snow and trees on it too later…


I think the mountains look a bit low res.

could be because of DOF… this is how it looks without DOF

No, I dont think so. With Motion Blur it would look more like this here.

Maybe you could add some lose stones, a few alpine plants and pod grass to your background mountain, just to give it a more natural touch.

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That and the scene feels way too well lit.
Even if it’s cloudy to the point where there’s no sharp shadows, I feel like there should be a lot more occlusion from surrounding rock faces; it almost looks emissive/unlit to me.
Specifically, it feels like the bottom of this chasm is way too well lit, and it doesn’t look like the opposing cliff faces are shadowing / occluding each other at all…

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good points… I am reworking the lighting now…

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

thanks a lot man… means a lot
hoping to get it featured again once its finished

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Improved the backdrop…