Naturally unfolded paper - or how to aproach a comletely new problem

Hello blender artists,

I’m pretty new to blender and trying to solve a problem. I want a letter to unfold like in this linked clip, but not as mechanic, much more naturally. As if someone would hold the upper part of the letter and the rest just unfolds by gravity (that’s why I thought it belongs to physics-simulations).
But I have no idea how to approach that problem. What functions could I use? Which systems are involved? What objects and materials to start with?
I’m not looking for a step-by-step tutorial, just some hints where to start, what to use etc.

Thank you very much

hI @smoo !,

Looks like yr going to benefit from my recent experiments with Cloth!

The settings to mess with are: Air viscosity and vertex mass mainly to get the right look.

Happy BL (1.9 MB)

P.s Saved with Blender 3.0. So heres a screenshot if you use a different version.


Uuuuhh… shiny! I will have a look at it tonite!
Thanks a lot.