Nature trail scene

Hi im a major newbie at blender and decided to do a project for my geography class in which i have to make a nature trail scene.
i made some trees and grass scene in separate blender files. how do i copy them all into one?
also, i will hopefully post pictures and would like feedback.

I think library linking would be the best thing to use. The way it works is you go into your separate blend files and add the individual objects to groups. Then you link (not append) the groups into your trail scene. The reason this tool is so powerful is because you can edit the objects in there own blend files and the edits will automatically be updated in the trail scene.

thanks. that sounds like exactly what i want to do. could you provide some more specif directions on how to do that or post a link?

Hi mrchairman08

Basically here’s how to utilise library linking:

#1 Make your objects in their own blend files.

#2 Take those objects and (still in their own blend files) add them to groups. (say like, a rock to one group and a tree to another)

#3 Go to your master scene (which you want to render) and go to the “Append or Link” browser.

#4 Chose “Link” instead of “Append” in the bottom header.

#5 Navigate to your file that you want to link in and go the “Group” section.

#6 Select all the groups that you want to link in (RMB) and hit “Load Library”.

#7 When you look at the 3D view now, you won’t see the objects. That’s because they are groups.

#8 Go Spacebar>Add>Group> and select the group you want to add.

I hope I explained this well.

File-Append or Link.

I generally import the enitre scene so I get everything. If just choose the object or mesh, you may not get your entire object.

Once you have imported it, you will see absolutely nothing (yeah! isn’t Blender wonderfully intuitive for newbies). But your scene really is there, you have to select it by using the SCENE drop down along the top menu bar. IT may appear named like this “Scene.001”. Activate it and your object will be in that scene. Select the object and press CTRL-L and link it to the other scene and now it is in both scenes. You can link as many objects as you like between scenes.