Nautilius lookalike

As seen in “Fushigi no umi no Nadia” (“Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water”)… or at least something that’s supposed to look much like it.
My first model other than the gingerbread man tutorial. And a first attempt at high-poly modeling through subsurf…

It still needs some minor tweaking, but i’m staying with this general shape (won’t add bridge, deck or the bulge at the aft section). Hopefully I’ll get on and try to put some textures on this… I need to learn UV unwrapping anyway…

Minor geometry tweaks done. A more fancy (and time-consuming) render this time (due to me fiddling a bit with the material…)

On to bump and texture mapping! (Hopefully…)
but before that… any c&c?

Some polygon constructions could use fixing though.
At the front there is some corners.

The wings in the back could be smaller. But if thats the style you’re after then great. :slight_smile:

Go unwrap and texture.