Nautilus Realtime scene

Well, I was looking at this thread and admiring the artwork, and some one made the mistake of challenging me so I set this scene up quickly.

Peter posted at 22:13 and it is now 23:36 so I did about 1 hour of work.

I am currently working on my game Existence, so I will work on this sporadically in the future.

Screen shots!

I think the atmospherics are a little too dramatic.

What this needs is baked textures, if you’re going for a static scene. What I’m seeing here looks completely realtime shaded. I would suggest setting this up like you would render it static, first, then baking some textures.

Yeah, I agree, this is just a visualization. The final scene will have all baked textures. Hopefully. :slight_smile:

Ha! Well that was quick …

If your gonna stick with it, I suggest using a lot less specularity on your materials, perhaps use a specularity map.

This is great work especially considering you worked on it for about an hour. I agree with peter’s comment about the specularity settings and the texture on the roof in the last screen is a little repetitive.
So far its looking really good though.

Thumbs up!

Okay, Update! I put in another 3 hours. The ship is only a concept.
Tweaked the lighting, mist, and ambient settings ( I still think I need to under dramatize it)
Modeled the blimp, moved around buildings
Tweaked material settings.
Removed HDR filter( it washed everything out)
Improved some textures.

Next, I will change the sky, improve the lighting, improve the ship, and add some detail. Then I will see where to go from there.

Maybe I can finish this in a week or so!
C&C are welcome.

Now the mist effect isn’t strong enough…

Just cant get it good enough for you eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I m your biggest fan now , I cant wait to see this enviroment in a game engine.Keep working

It has to be “just so.”