I am working on a Harper Goff version of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. I have always liked the look of this version. Very much still a WIP but I just wanted to share the progress so far.


That looks awesome! Just like the real thing, except for the textures but that will come. I can’t wait to see them! Great work so far!

Excellent modeling! Are you planning a scene for it?

Nothing planned yet PneumaPilot, but I am sure something will come to me before I am done. :wink:

It looks really nice.

Wow great modeling and attention to detail.

Quick experiment just to see how a texure will look when applied.


Amazing! Very detailed. How long did it take you to get this far?

Here is a quick update on the Nautilus project. I have added the forward hatch, external bridge ladders, and the “shark fin” with rakers. I also did some rivet work on the bridge and upper decks.

@Rewrite: I started this project in Feb08 but I just recently started making any serious progress. I usually just pick at it when I have time and am motivated.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone…it motivates me. :slight_smile:


modelingwise, this one deserves a few stars. The texture and lighting still needs lots of work. I think I see a shading error at the front of the large metal plate with the “oval shape” cut out of it.

But this is a cool mesh.

Thanks FreakyDude. I am only working on the model ATM. No lighting or texturing work at all really yet, but I do realize there is much to be done. I want to get the model finished before I start that end. I will correct the “shading error” when I get back down to that area. I am working my way down correcting and detailing as I go.

Finally got a little time to work on the nautilus. I have added the forward capstan, cleats, and some additional rivet work/detailing to the wheelhouse and main deck. I hope to get some time this weekend to do some more work on her.


Wow, amazing piece of work you got there! I’m very happy to see some progress being made! Keep up the good work.

I have been messing with lighting and textures a bit, but now that BWC is here this may go on the back burner again. :slight_smile:


Another small update. Just playing with textures a bit. Added some small details.


I think that’d rock for BWC if it’s still going on.

Very nice! I love the last black and white photo!

Yeah, the B&W is really nice. I’m definitely a fan of this. Loved the movie as a kid, and this looks very accurate. Good job, and keep it up!