Naval German WWI Cannon

Cannon model DONE! after a month of learning blender and watching different tutorials
i the way of learning blender and substance painter.
hope you like it:kissing_heart:


Just a side note: The term “Wehrmacht” for the german military forces wasn’t introduced before 1935, so you wouldn’t find it on a WWI weapon. Before 1935 the commonly used term was “Reichswehr”.

Other than that: This doesn’t look like a weapon belonging to the WWI era at all… WWI was already the time of dreadnoughts and battle ships with far more advanced weaponry. This looks like it pre-dates WWI by a few hundred years: With a gun like this you couldn’t even make a dent in a dreadnought’s armor plating.

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Like @IkariShinji says.
Also, a swastika on a WW1 canon? What going on here?

Nice job on the modeling.


yeah you right it seems i use wrong infromation but thank you by the way mate!