Navmesh explaination

Ive been trying to figure out what those properties in the build navmesh tab mean, but i cant find them anywhere. So can someone explain to me what the more advanced settings mean?

More advanced ones, which ones in particular do you mean by “more advanced ones”, id be happy to explain them to you :slight_smile:

Thanks, and all properties under rasterization, detail mesh, and polygonization. Ive played with these settings even though i dont know what they actually do.

I did a TON of reading and searching, but it does not look like the blender foundation released anything regarding how these setting work, so i will try my best to explain what they do from my understanding, under rasterization the cell size seems to be trying to find the (based on whatever value it is given) the maximum or minimum size that it will actually display the cells to be, so just the amount of detail you want to see, the cell height is just the distance above the surface that the navmesh will be shown once generated (eg: 0.10 = really close to the surface, 30 = higher above the surface)

max edge doesn’t seem to do anything from my testing

max edge error seems to be the accuracy of the conversion from blocks to a straight line, since the navmesh is generated based on blender units(which are blocks), when there is a slanted block which needs to be cut out of the navmesh, it cuts it out based on the blender units and so you get a very jagged, blocky cut out, and edge error seems to be blenders anti-aliasing(turning the blocky jagged edges into more of a straight line) and the error would be obviously how much error it is allowed to accumulate while averaging out the blocky edges.

verts per poly are the number of vertices each cell that it generates are allowed to have, which determines how complex the shapes of the cells can be(eg 3 = 3 verts = all cells would be triangles, 4 = cells can be anything from 3 to 4(squares or triangles) 5 = cells can be anything from triangles to pentagons and so on)

under detail mesh, I cant seem to find out what they do, I have done a lot of tweaking and exaggerating of these settings as well as changing other settings and changing detail mesh settings again and they do not seem to do anything, so they are not much to be concerned about when generating a navmesh.

I hope you found this useful, sorry about the ones i couldn’t explain, hopefully someone else will post here and explain those :slight_smile:

It was a GUI integration of Recast (the navmesh generator) by Mikko Mononen, might be useful to research his comments.

Could you post a link to Mikko Mononens comments, that also would be a lot more helpful.