(mrmunkily) #1

I saw some Nazis on campus yesterday. (Real ones - with armbands and flags and whatnot.) What upset me the most about it was that everyone was just ignoring them. Most poeple walking by didn’t even notice. I would have expected that some people would get really angry though and It was really upsetting and scary.

This is the USA, so its constitutionally protected to wave a swatstika around if you feel like it, but I expected people at this school (where probably close to half are minority, plus many ROTC students) would get really offended.

Freaky. In a bad way.

(CurtisS) #2

Maybe ignoring them is the right thing to do. I wouldn’t give these misguided souls a second glance as I am sure that’s what they want. No reaction is the best reaction.

(mrmunkily) #3

Ignorig them works as long as everybody does it. If they are recruiting, (I thin they might have been) then I think interference in warranted.

(Goofster) #4

*Goofster thinks hard…
*Goofster get’s a calculator…
*Goofster snickers…


(acasto) #5

We saw what consequences this can have back in the '40s

(Ecks) #6

We saw what consequences this can have back in the '40s[/quote]

same as acasto here…ignoring them is a good thing but with nazi we never know…Did you saw Sum of all fear…no I’m joking and I know I shouldn’t but well…I don’t think ignoring them will change something in their way of showing they are nazi…so telling them they should remove their insignia of nazi is better…at least if they are not armed (knife or other thing…) so if this happen then ignore them… :-?

(Dittohead) #7

they want you to fight them. ignoring them is the right thing.

as much as weed all like to take an uzi and blow their @#$%&*% brains out, we shoudn’t.

(mrmunkily) #8

“Are these guys the nazis, Walter?”

“No, Donny, these men are cowards”

Ignoring them becomes very dangerous when others begin to join them - like all cults it can be left alone and ignored only until a certain point - then it becomes a real danger and has to be stopped.

(Dittohead) #9

true but breaking the law in trying to get rid of them, just serves to help them.

but on the other hand when they break the law i will let the police handle it. if the the police aren’t enforcing the law, then i would take up arms and bring them to there knees. let them make the first move, when they do let the cops bust them, if they dont enforce the LAW then you have just reason to go after them.

(fullback) #10

Welcome to University. You’ll see a lot of strange stuff before you graduate and it won’t be limited to one side of the political spectrum. Have fun.

Don’t worry, they will be marginalized and rejected before I finish typing this. I’ll bet their only goal is to get their protest on the evening news, so ignoring them is probably the most effective form of rejection.

Give 'em the good old “silent treatment”. :stuck_out_tongue:

(jonnierod) #11

This is the USA, so its constitutionally protected to wave a swatstika around if you feel like it

Actually, it’s not. After WWII the United States passed a law against displaying the swastika. The Constitution, in the end, is just a piece of paper, and only works when applied. We have freedom of speech to a point, but walk up to the White House and shout “I hope bin Laden kicks your @$$ dude!” and see if they don’t come to get you.

I don’t think ignoring Nazi’s is a good idea, the United States tried that at Munich and it was the worst mistake of the 20th century. Some problems you can avoid, yes. But ignoring Nazi’s won’t make them go away or make them grow a conscious. It’s like terrorists. People say, how do you fight someone who WANTS to die. Easy. Grant them that wish before they kill anyone along with them. The only good terrorist is a dead one.

Personally, I think you should walk up to them and pee on their swastika.

(orange) #12

Sure, freedom speech is treated unfairly by the US government, but what better way to promote it and stimulate it than ignoring the Nazis?

Freedom of speech and expression applies to all people. It isn’t subject to the whims of anyone. Right or wrong, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Unless these people themselves have broken the law or hurt someone, then they should simply be ignored. By ignoring them you are endorsing freedom. And they probably hate that.

Don’t act hostile or agressive to them, or you’re just acting bad or worse than they are.

Besides, they’re probably just doing it to be offensive and shock people. Not that they really care about the beliefs they are donning. So just ignore them.

(DanielP) #13

I have really a problem with such nazi-bastards, first because i’m german, second i’m a non-racist-skinhead (oh yeah, they don’t like us!).
What can you do if you don’t want to fight them yourself? Hm, rotten eggs, stink-bombs, send them the local antifacist-action-group…
But the best thing is: Make people laugh about them (remember Blues Brothers?). When they are there again a group of people could dress up as a mix of SS-officers and ballerinas or gay/SM-people in leather…
Another important thing is education/information. If Nazi-assholes are marching again, use a beamer and show a few pictures of Dachau, at the wall behind them.

But absolutely: Don’t ignore them!!! Find other people, who don’t like them, and do something!

(mrmunkily) #14

Thanks for the replies, but I think you missed the point. :slight_smile:

I know how to deal with them - They didn’t do anything and I have no idea why they were there. They didn’t say anything and just stood in a corner. I think that they were actually fraternity pledges sent to do something outrageous - they didn’t seem happy at all, and they got the hell out of there fast. They couldn’t have been standingg around for more than 10 minutes - I’m the only one I’ve talked to who actually noticed them.

Better that they were tasteless frat-boys than real Nazis. whatever. I don’t like Nazis. Is that racist? after all, it is an ideology, and I’m judging these people based on their ideology. Course, their ideology would have me dead if they could, but that’s besides the point. I’m just intolerant, I guess.

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(Timonides) #16

No mrmunkily it isn’t racism and you shouldn’t feel bad for hating them… Cause these guys represent the darkest side of human kind…

I don’t know if ignoring them is the best way to deal with, but I agree that these people actually want to provoke us to fight them in order to achieve their dark purposes. Don’t play their game…


(jonnierod) #17

Don’t act hostile or agressive to them, or you’re just acting bad or worse than they are.

So the Allies were wrong for taking out Nazi Germany? I don’t subscribe to this line of reasoning. There is sometimes truth to it, but wanting someone dead for being a murderer is a lot different than wanting them dead because they were born a Jew, or other non-Aryian. Not all hate is bad… I would never love a child molestor. To hate a Nazi is a lot different than to hate a Jew. If you’re born Jewish there’s not much you can do about it, and just because you’re a Jew doesn’t say much about you, you have your own personality, your own way.

Being a Nazi is entirely different. That is a choice. That’s something you decide to do. And if you decide to be a racist, I’m not going to like you. Disliking prejudice does not make you prejudice.

(mrmunkily) #18

I was joking of course (about hating nazis being racist) , and I see them again I’ll make a scene and call the newspapers and all. That’s it.

(cree) #19

I bet you anything they’re not even University students. They’re probably on campus because that’s as close as these dummies will get to higher education. They also probably got bored doing the Jerry Springer show circuit and decided to visit campus to see what they missed out on because they never bothered to learn how to read and write. Most of these dummies blame others for their problems because they were too lazy or arrogant to get educated or do something better with their lives other than get drunk, have sex with their cousins , shoot beer cans from their trailer windows, burn crosses, and pretend they are the master race. If they are the master race, the rest of humanity is in big trouble.

(mrmunkily) #20

I can confirm that they were not university students. They had packs and a coller of food like they had been traveling. Plus no one knew who they were.