NBC Online

I heard NBC was launching a website where you could watch episodes of their shows. Does anyone know what it is?

The site is http://www.hulu.com

It isn’t officially launched yet. I filled in the form for the beta and got my login last week. Took a poke around. The videos use the flash player, so you don’t need a specific plugin like a lot of the other TV sites. Haven’t tested it in Linux yet (haven’t installed Flash) but it says it needs Flash 8 or higher so I expect it should work there too.

Edit: Just checked it in Linux (x86 32bit - Ubuntu 7.10 with Flash Player 9) and it works there too.
Commercials are unskippable (the player takes the controls away) but otherwise it works about as well as under windows.

I applied to it over a month ago and still have not gotten beta access :(. How long did it take for you to get yours?

Also I think fox.com and nbc.com have at the very least clips of their shows you can watch.