.nds python script

i need a simple python script to export blender meshes to .nds for emulators and r4 cards

please and thanks

That’s a great idea, mainly because I do develop DS games myself and wishing to import 3D meshes, action loops, and UV maps to a DS game. I can program, but not highly advanced, or know how to program in Python. Still, it’s something that’s a great addition.

That and exporting for Wii games. I know that you can export it to PSP, but . . . I rather make DS and Wii games.

just google blender .nds export. one of the first links will be http://wiki.github.com/kiniou/blender-nds-exporter/ if google is to much work making a game is going to be impossible.

haha see great idea right

lol i already googled it and found nothin i already exported my crate to counter strike so i know my way around the computer at a semi intermediate level

come on. nothing? http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=blender+.nds+export&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai= 1.5 million hits.

alright i feel stupid, thanks for the link XD

Could it be that a lot of Homebrew developers requested that? -_-

Actually, I did search around for it. Surprisingly, someone already is working on that.



Looks promising, but it can only export the mesh. So . . . I wonder if anyone can work on export the other necessary things, like the texture and animations.

Plus, that link rdo3 provided is nice.

http://github.com/downloads/kiniou/blender-nds-exporter/blender-nds-exporter-0.3-1-alpha.zip - Download Blender NDS Exporter

So far, it does look like this is the one you should use, shroom7. The setup is easy. You have to copy “nds_3d_export.py” to the “.blender” >> “scripts” >> “io” folder. Once you run Blender, you can select “File” >> “Export” >> “NintendoDS CallList” to export your mesh and texture to your DS project. It looks like you can really export the mesh, texture, and even the animations. That’s all in the nutshell, because there are some more steps to make the process optimize. For that, you really need to check out the website.

There is a message in the Command Prompt that informs that .py is not registered and must be. I am not sure how to fix that problem though. Actually, I’m running it with 2.52. It can run on 2.4x, and looks like it’s the more stable way.

At least this is a start. I wonder if there will be more improvements . . . like optimize for 2.6 if possible.

Actually, I manage to fix the “Registering” problem with the script. I was a little clever enough to do so. I only hope this simple change doesn’t have any problems. If it does, change it back to the old one.

If you did download the original exporter, the folder will have the batch script. You can use that as an alternative to export the content to .nds. Just be sure you know how to use the Console Window in Blender. Otherwise, just use “File” >> “Export” >> “NintendoDS CallList”.

With the beta in progress, I created another updated exporter. This time, it will run on 2.53. I am not sure that it does work, but I know that it’s running and can export. Remember, you must copy it to the “script/io” folder of Blender. To use it, go to “File” >> “Export” >> “NintendoDS CallList”.

hey man im going with the first one (http://hackerpilot.org/dsblender.php) the only thing im having a problem with is that i dont get what im supposed to do here (http://www.drunkencoders.com/documents/DS/ndslib.htm#_FIFO) ive read that im supposed to get the structure of ds game folder wise but all i see is everything but, please help