Near Sensor INVERT?

Hey so i was wandering id the Near logic brick sensor is not able to be inverted? As you know there is an invert button on all sensors that makes them work negative, but it doest seem to work on the Near Sensor.

I want my game to send a message when there are no objects with the propherty “Enemy” inside the Near sensor.
But even though i have inverted it and there are objects with the property of Enemy near by it keeps sending messages.

So does anyone know if that doest work or something?

why not use a NAND controller (or expression controller) with non-inverting mode.

I checked with 2.76.

I can see the near sensor behaves as it should. When “Inverted” the message sensor gets activated when the last detectable object leaves the near range.


  • “invert” will result in an activate at startup.