Near Sensor

Two objects go through a near sensor. They both have the same physics, and detection property. One of them is a cube, and one of them is an armature, At first the cube failed the test, and the armature worked fine, but then for not apparent reason the cube started passing the test, while the armature failed. Am I missing something here? I’m sorry I didn’t give you much to work with in this question.

Armatures are not good for this types of operations.

what mean fail ?
if you use sensors.hitObject it can read only one obj .
if armature and cube go to the near sensor , hitObject return only one obj

As armatures do not have a mesh they do not have a physics representation. You can give them one by setting a bounding type (you will see the dotted shape of the bounding volume).

You get much more control by parenting them to an object (e.g. invisible) which has a mesh and bounding type.

Make sure that the objects have ‘actor’ enabled.