Neat Idea

(rndrdbrian) #1

Hey, I’ve had a very neat and cool idea!

Seeing as I recently bought myself a new monitor, why not pop an old graphics card into my system, and then hook up my old monitor to have a

Dual Monitor System!!!

Of course, I’ll have to find somewhere else for my printer…

But, a dual monitor system will be totally cool!!!


(xype) #2

You know what! I’ve also had a very cool idea! I was pretty sick of my mouse picking up dirt so I bought myself a


Now I have a mousepad that I can work on with my mouse, THAT’S GREAT!

Edit: Do you have any great computer modification stories? Share them with us!

(Green) #3

gfx card

(Riskbreaker) #4

Do you have any great computer modification stories? Share them with us!

As a matter of fact YES!!!

Until recently, I needed whatever I could use to get more RAM, and since money was an issue then, so I added my 8 MB EDO RAM i had laying around from my old system (I tore that paperweight apart).

(CubeFan973) #5

After hearing about these great things in Blender called “hotkeys,” I recently bought a


Now I don’t have to use the menus all the time! Although I do wish someone would put up a hotkey for “milkshakes.” :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, couldn’t resist making a joke about the name of Blender.

(Hexa-dB) #6

I cut some holes in my PC and put lights in it. Does that count?

(Idgas) #7

Once i thought my monitor had finally died. It was completely blank nothing. But then just as I was giving up hope. My 8 year old daughter came by and said “You have to turn it on DAD!!” Ooops!!

(valarking) #8


(PowerMacG4) #9

The best mod I did for my PC was to
Disconnect iT and Deep 6 it.
I bought an Old Indigo2 MAximpact just for Blender 3D.
I do have Dual Monitor on the Powermac G4.

(Grizzly69) #10

I finally got tired of the rat’s nest of cables at the back of my computer. I had to always fish around for the line-in cable or the firewire cable or the digital camera USB cable. It was a real pain. So I cable tied all the plugs to the side of my case. Now theres a need little bundle of plugs with easy access. I cable tied everything else together in the back as well. Now I have a neatly organized rat’s nest of cables coming out of my computer.

Does this count as an interesting mod?

(iluvblender) #11

the best thing that happened to me ismygetting an RAunder a gfx professor. i have access to a w2k, amd processor with 2 GB ram and a good gfx card.

thankyou god.