Neat older game remix site

Here is a site that has some really cool remixes of some old game songs. There are about 1500, and there are torrents for all the songs. I enjoyed these, and thought you might. They are good for Blending. The DooM remixes are pretty good, and so is, well, all the ones I’ve downloaded so far.

Thanks for sharing.

“Da Black Market” was about the only rap song I’ve ever enjoyed… It was hilarious.

Plenty of Sonic related goodies. Awesome site!

and if you go here:
you can listen to streaming oc-remixes :smiley: . its great, i listen to them all the time.

Well I started to listen now the songs. Not my style but Im hoping to find something that I can jogg to.

Maybe if listen to sonic the hedgehog I will run very fast.

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