Neat older game remix site

(henrymop) #1

Here is a site that has some really cool remixes of some old game songs. There are about 1500, and there are torrents for all the songs. I enjoyed these, and thought you might. They are good for Blending. The DooM remixes are pretty good, and so is, well, all the ones I’ve downloaded so far.

(BigBlend) #2

Thanks for sharing.

(HOSJ) #3

“Da Black Market” was about the only rap song I’ve ever enjoyed… It was hilarious.

(Dittohead) #4

Plenty of Sonic related goodies. Awesome site!

(Villitz) #5

and if you go here:
you can listen to streaming oc-remixes :smiley: . its great, i listen to them all the time.

(BigBlend) #6

Well I started to listen now the songs. Not my style but Im hoping to find something that I can jogg to.

Maybe if listen to sonic the hedgehog I will run very fast.

(bmax) #7

Retrospec <-- Creators of the Head over Heels remake.