Nebeie projeit

I am new at this. Rember to consder this.

first thing you want to do is post a picture or an idea of what your trying to do. :wink:

Don’t be rude.

(1) Find someone who will host your image online, like photobucket or imageshack.

(2) Use their service to upload your image. You’ll get back a URL which is your image’s address.

(3) When you Post a reply type something like

hello, this is my image. be nice. please help. etc.

The stuff you put between the [img] and [/img] tags is the URL you get in step 2.

Hope this helps.

Duoas - I wasn’t being rude, you just read it that way.

Choren - You can also upload your images to elYsiun’s site, though you only get so much space. (500mb?)

Yes, I did. :expressionless: Sorry. I shouldn’t have.

The upload to elysiun is pretty cool. Down at the bottom of your Post a reply screen you’ll see the Add an Attachment stuff.

My eyes are colored. (I’ve had a rough day, and the prospect of cramming all night for an exam tomorrow.)