Nebeneffekt -Side Effect (Music Video)

Hello Community,
I made this video during the quarantine period for my band in several weeks.
The title came from the fact that my friend and musician colleague fell ill with the virus after the recording session. It is my first work with Blender. I try to keep it relatively simple and still find a way to connect it well with the music. Take a look at it and feel free to comment on it, I would be very interested to see how it affects you, as a whole. Have fun watching and listening.


I really like the wireframe parts!
‘As a whole’ it’s a little bit to long for my limited attention.

Thanks for the feedback. limited attention ; ) yes i know, our titles are often longer than the usual 3:50 min. songs, so the video had to be accordingly long, but as a tip, the end in the video is important for the whole context. to fill 10 min has also cost me a lot of nerves : )