Hello! While it’s not as great as some other works on here, I tried my best to make something using volumetrics. I decided to try something new. I usually use Cycles in my renders but I decided to use Eevee for this render. I found out about something you can do with noise using some math nodes, which I decided to use to make some clouds as a test, which went well and worked great for fly through’s! I then looked through some of my old files and found a nebula I made a few years ago using a tutorial. I decided I would make a new nebula using my new knowledge of blender and this is the result.

This was my first test render for the nebula with a basic particle system for some planets. The stars were done with some simple point lights with high brightness. There is a very dim background which provides some fog. Not only that, the render time was under 5 seconds!

Here is the same nebula at a different angle:

I still have some things to improve, so I want your feedback on what I could do.

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