Necromancer - Richard from LFG

Well, I’m still getting back into he swing of things… Thought I’d do a character that I like from “Looking for Group”


He has a couple things going for him.

  • He doesn’t have any hair.
  • He supposed to look creepy.
  • He fairly simple throughout.With that I guess I will post first part of him done.



So he’s coming together… yes he does look like he’s wearing a dress… he does in the comic too.

Well back to work…


Well now That I have him at this stage… A rig seems in order…

I also think I will animate him singing a part of “Slaughter your World”


thats sweet! the skirt(the bottom part) is a lil weird. but i still like it =)

I likie :slight_smile:

It has been a while since I rigged up a character, which is part of the reason for this exercise.
Now to make his face animated through bones or shapes or both…


heh you beat me to it. I was gonna do this one as my next, or second next character lol…
looks a little, I dunno, something is lacking.
He needs feet too…

Ok I UV-mapped his skin portions… to give him some marks and the characteristic double check on his left brow.

Still have yet to do any facial animation rigging

About feet… he never shows his feet until he gets shrunk… this is his pre-shrunk version.

I am stuck with a question of how much realism to put on a toon-like character.

PS. I know some of the seems are visible on his UV map.


I felt the need to spread The bunny dancing Richard.

Now he looks like a hula dancer. :slight_smile:

Did you spend more than two years making him dance?

Its one of those… “I’ll get back to it” sort of things… especially since its not a paying gig.